The Durban Easter Knife Show (aka DEKS) takes place on 19 and 20 April 2019 and has been a feature of the annual knife enthusiasts calendar in Durban for more than 30 years. The show draws exhibitors from across the country and in previous years buyers have come from as far afield as Germany, Portugal and the USA to see the best handmade knives under one roof.

The show is held over 2 days coinciding with the Easter school holidays at the aha Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge, opposite the Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

DEKS features the craftwork of both experienced and new knife makers. Some of the makers are internationally known for their high quality. This means you will be able to see and purchase the work of Guild members who regularly exhibit overseas as well as the more affordable work of newer makers.

Many of the newer makers will build international reputations, with the result that knives from these craftsmen could appreciate dramatically in years to come. If you are not looking for an investment but just want a unique custom made knife for every day use, you will be able to purchase knives, superior to store-bought mass-produced ones at very reasonable prices.

The makers are only too happy to talk about their craft and anyone interested in taking up knife-making as a hobby is welcome to ask questions and learn more from these specialists (look at the various knifemaking courses available). Many of the makers are experts on knives in general and would love to talk to you about any aspect of knives or advise you about that knife you inherited from your grandfather. Knife-making equipment and materials are usually exhibited and on sale.

Even those who have little interest in knives will be fascinated by the skill, science and artistry of these works. If you have young sons, then this will be the ideal opportunity for them to be educated in what knives are all about, including how to handle, sharpen and care for a good knife.

For more information is available at or telephone Beatrice on 082 908 0064.