Escom Grid Expansion to cost tax payers

We’ve been told for years now that the Eskom Fleet of Power Generators is too old, poorly maintained, needs replacing, is only operating that around 50% capacity and this is the cause of load shedding. The lack of power generation.


We have recently been told that, even if the generation fleet is operating at 100% capacity, load shedding will remain, because the transmission grid has not been maintained or upgraded to be able to carry and distribute the power across the country.


We’ve been told that it is going to take 10 years for Eskom to be able to expand the grid to enable the power to be distributed across the country to end load shedding.


The numbers required to enable this growth are staggering. With Eskom already in a hole for more than R400 Billion, how are they going to achieve this?

Every time they re-assess the capital (loans) required to fund this growth, the target number seems to grow exponentially. Two years ago they estimated it would cost R372 Billion, now the total looks to be in excess of R800 Billion, between now and 2029, 6 years.


With our tariffs having increased by 800% since 2008, are we going to have to continue to carry this cost in our electricity tariffs or in our taxes. It has to be paid back from somewhere.

Source: Daily Investor

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