Cleva Tech’s Smart Geyser Controller can be used to power a lot more than just your geyser. It can power just about any high-powered appliance in your home. 

Whilst the Smart Geyser Controller has proven itself to reduce your water heating costs by up to 40%, it does a lot more. If you consider that geysers typically account for up to 50% of household monthly electricity consumption, this is a substantial amount for a very affordable device. 

Cleva Tech’s smart technology also works to protect your entire home and even your street from the nasty effects of load shedding. 

When power is switched back on after a round of load shedding, the simultaneous switching on of thousands of homes and within them thousands of high-powered appliances like geysers causes a huge startup strain on both your household circuits and the local grid. 

Commonly referred to as the inrush current when any electrical appliance/light is switched on, the power (current) that the appliance draws for just a few seconds or so can be up to 10 times and even more than the actual power rating of the appliance itself and how much it draws continuously during use. 

This simultaneous inrush of power during the startup of thousands of homes and appliances is what causes many of the surges and problems associated with load shedding, causing transformers and substations to spectacularly explode and catch fire as well as damaging household appliances. 

We are seeing this with more and more appliances just failing, seemingly for no reason. It is because their electronic components are being gradually worn down and damaged by the frequent bouts of load shedding, shortening the lifespan of the appliances and they fail. 

The Cleva Tech Smart Device powers up when power is switched back on, but it does not instantly switch on its power relay that is connected to the appliance or geyser. It starts a countdown timer of a minute and then after that first minute, it starts a second countdown timer of between 1 and 5 minutes. This second timer randomly stops anywhere between the 1 - 5 minute countdown and switches its power relay on. 

If the appliances being controlled is not scheduled to switch on at that time, the controller will not switch it on at all. 

This gives the local household circuits as well as the local street grid a chance to power up and settle down beyond their startup inrush currents before the high-powered geyser or other circuit is switched on. 

This randomly staggered switch-on avoids the huge surge that normally occurs when everything is switched on simultaneously. 

A thousand appliances all being switched on in a random staggered manner over a 6 minute period is far safer for the grid local grid and all circuits and appliances connected to it. 

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