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Herewith the latest market information :

Prime : 9.75%
Gold (US$ per ounce) : 1 572.63 (-0.01)
Brent Crude (US$ per barrel) : 54.08 (-0.18)
Dow Jones : 29 276.00 (+0.60%)
JSE Alsi : 56 848.00 (-0.75%)
ZAR/US$ : 14.95 (+0.15)
ZAR / Euro : 16.31 (+0.26)
ZAR / GBP : 19.32 (+0.24)

Market moving events : Our market was softer yesterday as investors paused ahead of the State of the Nation address by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the release of some major economic data later this week. The US market was stronger overnight following signs that the rate of infection of the coronavirus could be declining. Our market should open in the black today.

Positive Pointer : The Eastern Cape-based COEGA Development Corporation said that it is ahead of targets for new investors in this financial year.

Enjoy Tuesday.

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Richard Watt
Quattro Offices

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Herewith the latest market information :

Prime : 9.75%
Gold (US$ per ounce) : 1 578.09 (+6.51)
Brent Crude (US$ per barrel) : 58.59 (-1.22)
Dow Jones : 28 859.00 (+0.43%)
JSE Alsi : 56 591.00 (+0.39%)
ZAR/US$ : 14.81 (-0.21)
ZAR / Euro : 16.32 (-0.26)
ZAR / GBP : 19.40 (-0.40)

Market moving events : Our market was positive yesterday. The top performer was Massmart, which advanced by 6.44% after revealing a turnaround plan. The Rand took further pain as isolated cases of the coronavirus were reported outside of China and limited loadshedding was announced by Eskom.

Positive Pointer : After protracted negotiations, MTN has finally struck a deal with the Nigerian authorities around their “tax” bill.

Enjoy Friday and have a great weekend.

Kind Regards
Richard Watt
Quattro Offices


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Herewith the latest market information:

Prime : 10.25%
Gold (US$ per ounce) : 1 291.14 (-8.24)
Brent Crude (US$ per barrel) : 72.80 (+1.03)
Dow Jones : 25 862.00 (+0.84%)
JSE Alsi : 56 537.00 (+0.88%)
ZAR/US$ : 14.34 (-0.14)
ZAR / Euro : 16.02 (-0.13)
ZAR / GBP : 18.33 (-0.05)

Market moving events : Our market advanced nicely yesterday, following stronger world markets. Investec Limited had a good day after an increase in annual earings showed that it was resilient to a weaker SA economy and Brexit. The Rand took a klap in late trade after a warning by Moody’s regarding our bonds possibly slipping to “junk status”.

Positive Pointer : South African, Saray Khumalo, became the first black African woman to summit Mt Everest.